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Thread: Game watching

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    Game watching

    Hi,I have some suggestion.I think it's a good one so you should read it.

    I think it's time to change the way of wathcing a game.
    Some players think that you should do the faces of the players
    and make the game like FIFA or PES.

    My opinion is different,I think that it would be almost impracticable,the number of player is too hight to do that.

    I think you should do something like this:

    Game watching-321sakhv53ey7pjbh.jpg

    It would be much easier than the way with faces.

    I hope you will accept my suggestion!


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    We already talked about this, exactly like you said, use search but even like that do you think is so simple, is pretty impossible to do it like that with this script.

    At this moment the ball is "jumping" from one side to the other side try to think how it will be with numbers or anything else, they will look like they are teleporting.

    I support this idea anyway, +1!
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    Always a good idea to have a 'visual' during matches.....great improvement of the game indeed
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    But I had on my mind something like this:
    Football Manager 2006 - YouTube (Start from 3:26,i found it on YouTube )

    I think you should extend the length of the match (Duration of the game 15-20 min)
    And eject comments like :
    "'Name' shots towords the goal,
    'Name' has made incredible save (immediately followed by),
    'Name' shots towords the goal (Second team do that)..."

    That would be like teleporting.
    But you can watch that video and make something like that.
    That would be wonderful.
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