2016 is coming and as I think all Managers in this Group and worldwide would like an improvement from Top Eleven
What do you guys want to Improve or add into the Game ?
My suggestions are :
1.Fix The idea of Strikers passing the ball backward when they are facing the gK one on one
2.Make the Strikers Deadly and score More goals rather than Ml/Mr
New Things
3.Euro League : A competition for 5th - 7th placed team
4.Super Cup : A competition for UCL winner and Eoro league winner
5. Chat box: a box for Talking with friends
6. An Interview : it's like in real where a reporter asks you about what you expect in game and if ur best player will play or if a player who is out of form will play something like that but it should be based on ur team and should be created with more than 30 questions
7.A Shout box : it's like shouting ur players when they are doing bad or praising them for good like the one for Aprill fools which T11 posted if you follow their Fb page
8.Youth Team : in this option I really want another youth Team Where your Assistant Manager will be charge in buying selling EtC but you can also manage it and watch their Games and if your youth team is good and have good players promote them for Free and also you can give your veteran player or players you don't need to your youth team and it must have an option to make your Assistan take charge or manage by your self
Thnx guys add to your ideas also and one thing I really want Top Eleven to make probably in another game like creating a game of Top Eleven Be a Football Manager Season
Where you have this option
9.Manager Mode : for me I really want T11 to add this like in FIFA it has Manager mode and Player Mode but in this case a slightly different where At the Start of ur t11 career in Manager Mode the board of the team will give you Contract and where you will have to finish in the season and if you fail you will be sacked

10.Add your Own suggestion guys
What do you think of my ideas? thnx