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Thread: Late retirement

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    Late retirement

    In T11 World once a player hits 34 he calls it a day. In real football, players often play way past 34 yr old, until they become too poor to find a team.

    My suggestion is that once players get to 33/34 they have no re-sale value. Instead of selling them you can "suggest retirement", where the player will immediately agree to retire for free (or for a token) upon your request.

    I suggest that players still get the slow training speeds right up until the end of the age 34 season as they currently do and that doesn't change, however if a user wishes to keep a player after the age of 34 its still possible.

    A player who goes to 35 yr old or older can stay with his OLD club, but can not be bought by a new one, or transferred out for cash etc... Once a player hits 35 he no longer gains any training speed, so will simply decrease in quality over time, until he is of no use. As each team gets promoted the older player becomes worse quicker and as such will be surplus quicker. Its easy to make them retire if they become too poor for you.

    This would also force the managers who allow their teams to be padded out with free 34yr olds at the start of each season to rethink how they go about things. The free 34yr old will have no resale value and if they remain in their team at the end of the season they become 35 yr old "dead weight" players the next season. Keeps squads full, but will be very low quality who wont increase over time, forcing those managers to actually bring in proper replacements or having really weak teams.

    I think a better "cut off" would be if players are still in a team at age 40 they then retire. It would be very rare that managers would want to keep players until that age, but it would happen occasionally - which is more realistic to what goes on in real life football.

    At the moment I feel losing players you have invested in heavily once they get to age 34 - where they can still be in top form and of high star quality, is very unfair and unrealistic. All top players start a decline before they retire - hardly any retire on the top. Its a very small thing to change but one I think would be VERY POPULAR within the game.

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    i agree with you
    that's will be perfect upadate

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    I like it.