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Thread: Why, nordeus, why

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    Why, nordeus, why

    I really do not know why Nordeus lets so many small flaws to spoil the taste of this game (GAME should be underlind hundered times):

    1) why the assistant manager is such a misleading i.d.o.t - why it is not possible to see the tactics of the opponent with refreshments in 5 mins intervals (like in FHM) e.g.
    2) why there are so poor statistics for cup and CL
    3) why there are no statistics for the special abilities (goals scored form FK, assists from CK etc.)
    4) why the whole concept of recommended players is just irritating (offering GK 4 times in a row...)
    5) why the match reports are so desperatly poor
    6) why such an inequality among countries of managers origin as regards videos for earning packages (I spent 3days in Luxembourg getting almost 20 greens a day for videos, compared to some 5 and less in the Czech Republic
    7) why the sorting options for the transfer market are so poor/none

    Me as a heavy token buyer, personally would be better off without the match report, recommended players etc - with the current way of doing it I only get angry every time and only really irrational addiction keeps me with this game...

    I am sure that most of this has already been commented on so:
    8) why no improvements on above mentioned
    9) why you instead invest surely a lot of resources in the new scheme without clarifying the current one...
    10) why, why...

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    Why do you tell your Oppinion when You know very well that Top eleven won't listen neither read nor will they see
    Why will you waste your time knowing nothing will change
    Why why why why
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