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Thread: very simple

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    very simple

    make the grey font in the skill and stats BLACK! It is hard to read. Seriously, who though of that color scheme? light grey on dark grey and dark grey on light grey? smh.

    and the font for the progress bar on the special ability? make it a bit bigger or space it out . hard to read.

    and lastly, put a filter on the transfer list so you can filter out SA, position, age and quality like there was on the previous version.

    and it would go a long way to explain how the 120%/145Q stuff works. how many +1 it takes to get from 116% to 117%. Helpful to know how far a player is away from advancing. the i buttons you have a practically useless in that it gives useless info: you need 13% to reach Scout level, but it does not tell you how many +1 you need to make up that 13%.
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    Agree with all of the above

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    Nice suggestion.