been playing this for like 43 seasons now.

many players have come and gone but a select few have become legends.

youth players who were here for 8 seasons. racking up -
100+ appearances
most assists.


loved the feature where these were recorded in the game.
gone now with the new update.

I have 'friended' people on this game just so I can follow the progress of a well loved player after I've sold him.
G Silvera. nasty guy always getting sent off but my god he was one hell of a player

but what if these ex-players were rewarded with a place in our clubs Hall of Fame?

set up a page that list and records the data in a players stats profile once they have been sold or retired.
when you sell a player a window pops up asking if you would like to add them to the Hall of Fame.

maybe have a maximum of 15/20.

good idea?