Most of gamers will have the feeling that some upset loss is manipulated by the server. Why having such feelings? I believe that you must have encountered such situation, for example, when you are leading to a weak team in some live semi-final match, when you see your opponents' players passes ball around your players in a much complex style, you suddenly have the feeling that he must score, and then... goal! It means the goal is predictable! Then comes the question, when is the goal determined by the server? Is it just before the attack initiated, or before the match? ITS UNFAIR IN BOTH SITUATION!

The situation mentioned above is more frequently encountered in semi-finals or quarter-finals. I know this probable "manipulation" is helpful to increase suspense, maybe brings more fun. But I don't think this can provide better experience to gamers who devote more to the game, coz they will encounter more upset loss, instead of upset win. SO, I SUGGEST YOU MAKE SURE THAT ANY GOAL IS DEFINITELY DEPEND ON PROBABILITIES THAT ONLY RELATED TO PLAYERS ABILITIES AND STATUS.