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Thread: Academy youngsters

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    Lightbulb Academy youngsters

    This is another suggestion and question,...

    I have spent in game money to upgrade the facility to maximum and now from 7 in 7 days if not wrong i have 2 players coming from my Club academy and formation...

    Now if the player is Good I have to pay tokens for a player that belongs to my club formation Academy !!!???

    What ????

    He was training on my clubs Academy with club resources and after I have to spend 20 to 30 Tokens on it to make the guy a Club player ????

    Sorry , but my suggestion is :

    At least lower the tokens that we have to pay for this Academy players, cause for 1 to 5 tokens I can get a even better or similar player in the market...

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    spending money for your youth player is like father giving hospital money to own his newborn baby!
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    Yep I am only at level 11 and already the new players are of a standard which are of no real use to me. The Free one gets sold on for money I don't need and the other one I have to fork out tokens for. THEN train powertrain him to make him useful.

    I won't make that mistake again.

    Come on Nordeus what could be an exciting element of the game for us users is being exploited as just another cash cow for the game owners.

    Changing this ( and the academy producing the odd Lionel Messi from time to time) could really add to the game.
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    I agree. Your home grown youth system should not cost you tokens.
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    I think it should at least cost less for sure, because it's pretty much useless if I can get a player who is just as young for less tokens and similar ability level in the auctions.
    Quite similar to the problem of overpriced domestic players in real life if you think about it lol

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    Academy player generation has always been borked for the majority while not so bad for the minority. The high T + 'no cash' price is not comparable with market costs given the 1* difference. Even if there was a 1* increase in quailty across the board the advantage might still be marginal, if any.

    The new player recommendations exposes this even more - the academy should be generating players relatively equivalent to those youngsters appearing on the Recommended list, if not instead of or in addition too. eg Think how much resource and time it would take to produce an 18yo 6* player with second role and SA from a 24T near 5* academy type then compare.

    However I do get the feeling that once Nordeus see how the Recommended Players system works they will turn their attention to the Academy. *hopes*

    It needs an overhaul in the context of other sources of players rather than just a tweak.
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