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Thread: Number of matches completed by a player and its effect

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    Lightbulb Number of matches completed by a player and its effect

    Hello community!
    Well, I'm a newcomer here. I've almost completed only second season with my club, so I may know less than others about this game, but I like it as much as you do. And because of it, I'd like to donate my suggestion so the game can develope and become better. So let's talk turkey!

    Obviously we all want the game to be as realistic as possible, so to feel as if we manage a real club. And it struck me that the game actually encourages us to act machine-like, without any compassion to the players we have in our club. 'Top-eleven' gives you an oportunity to change your squad everyday, like you change your T-Shirt next morning. What I mean is that you go to the transfers and you look for a young player (approximately 18-22 years old) which would have better statistics than grandpa playing in your team for 10 seasons, who is old, slabby and dies out of exhaustion after 40 minutes of the match. Yeah, you are bloody well right to do so, and I've exaggerated with this description a bit, but my poin is that this old grandpa has a lot of experience in his pocket, and maybe he's not fast enough to outrun the whole opponent's team, but he is mentally strong to do his best at the pitch. While a youngster with five stars going out on the pitch for the first time, may (sorry for the expression) **** his pants because of the pressure, and spoil the whole match. Yeah, this is only a game and we can't ask developers to introduce very intricate system which would create an artificial intelligence for each and every player, BUT:

    What I suggest is to introduce a certain augmentation of the players' capabilities depending on the matches they've played in general + depending for how long they stay in your team (or playing with other players in one squad)
    I'm not asking to create a limitless boost for players that may have spent over 10000000 matches and stay in one team for their whole career. What I'm suggesting is to create a relatively small reinforcement of player's abilities in case he has completed a particular number of matches (which is a logical thing, as he's gained experience on the actual pitch), dependless of his age and statistics.

    I believe that such a change will create some link between managers and their players, it will encourage to care more about their favourites. I hope I'm not rewriting already existing suggestion, and in case you support this idea - comment this post and express your opinion so that developers actually hear us.
    Thank you for your attention and good luck with managing your clubs ;)
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    I like this suggestion. I hope some players will participate to create significant part of team history.

    However, unfortunately, Nordeus may prefer managers to use tokens to buy more players instead of keeping players for a long time.
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