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Thread: New training: pre-season training / save sessions / condition loss

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    New training: pre-season training / save sessions / condition loss

    A few suggestions concerning the new training system.

    1. Pre-season training. I can train my squad today, but it won't count towards tomorrow's (yet unscheduled) league match. I think that's weird. It's also inconvenient. I probably won't be able to train my players before my first league match, which means I'll have a disadvantage in preparation right away. In my opinion training sessions done in pre-season should count towards the unscheduled first matches of the season (both cup and league) or those first matches shouldn't require any training sessions (we've been preparing our team all summer).

    2a. Save training sessions. It has been said before, but not yet in suggestions. So here it is. I'd really like to be able to save my (maybe 5-10) most used training sessions. Maybe even to be able to add my own description of what it does and what it can be used for. At the moment I have to filter through my reports to find the session I want to use. Especially after power training it can be pretty annoying. I think being able to save our sessions will give us a great tool to really manage the way we train our players.

    2b. Don't generate reports. Thought of this one along the way. Power training reports are useless. We know those sessions won't give good results. Maybe we should have the option not to generate a report.

    3. Condition loss. Not to sure about this one, but it's a problem I have mostly with GK drill. Why would my outfield player lose condition on GK drill in a session where a GK is involved? My outfield player doesn't gain anything because he doesn't train those skills, but he still loses 3% condition (on what?). Same goes for outfield players losing condition on GK skills and GK's losing condition on attacking and defensive skills in other drills. At the moment I don't use GK drill in any of my sessions, because I feel it's a waste of condition for 20/22 of my players. Both outfield players and GK's shouldn't lose condition on skills they don't train. (But for this one to happen I think condition loss of all drills has to be recalculated, which could be a massive task.)

    That's it for now. Especially eager to see the second one come about.

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    They won't because this won't benefit them financially.
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