I was writing down my tactics on paper and realized that i would need more than one. One for High pressing full attack, another for Low Pressing Defensive Counter-attacks, and last one for Just Hard Defending.
I then remembered a feature from FIFA(game) where you could easily switch between tactics that were either setup or you setup.
This would be really helpful during matches where I could just switch over to the tactics section choose the tactic i want and see if anything good comes out of it.
I'm certain that this would befit all managers. And if we could have the same option in the formation section then that would be even better. Even if we could only pick from 2 custom formations, at least we have the option to choose between 2 different formations, no?

Also I'm well aware that having over a million people requesting for a formation and/or tactical change can be quite difficult for the servers. But then again, you are currently adding the Associations feature which, to me, is a much more server taxing.

Anyways, any suggestions from you (public) would be much appreciated. I would like to know if other managers would like this feature too.