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Thread: Associations' Matches (Schedule, and Opt-out Option)

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    Associations' Matches (Schedule, and Opt-out Option)

    (1) I suggest put all four associations' matches on Saturday instead of 2 matches on Friday as additional matches on Friday may cause problems for teams who will play the Champions League final on that same day. Or, find another solution so that teams in the Champions League final don't get disadvantages due to associations matches.

    (2) Provide an opt-out option for associations so that groups that are not willing to play in an associations' tournament for a p[articular week can avoid participating in that tournament. A group must be able to opt-out of any association tournament before the draws for the first round are done each week.
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    I'm all for both suggestions.

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    A simpler solution will be for the manager to temperorily quit the association before the draws are made and then rejoin after the tournament ends.

    Lets be realistic its too much hassle to implement these suggestions considering the few people playing the finals. Much fewer even see it as a nuisance since they joined the associations volontarily.

    By the way i dont see how it will be disadvantage to anybody since association matches dont use players condition.

    Just my 2 cents
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