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    Web version without the need for a FB account

    I'll post every day if it has to be.

    Once again, are there any plans to make T11 Web version available for the wide public which isn't using FB?
    I'd rather drop dead than opening a FB just for the sole purpose to be able to play T11 on a Browser.

    You could link the G+ account, or just use plain and simple login via HTTPS to make this possible to use for many, many users which don't have and don't want to have a FB account.

    Appreciate any informations about the above suggestion, and even more I would appreciate if this comment gets published one shinny day...

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    It's definitely understandable that not everyone would like to have a Facebook account for the sole purpose of playing one single app. The option to create an empty "dummy" account is always there though. I have friends that have done this. They only wanted to have the option to play the game on a desktop comp every now and then.

    It's not a perfect solution indeed but it's a workaround. Still though, I am not aware of any particular plans for the introduction of another log-in way for the Web version atm.

    I'll bring it up to the devs though. It's more than obvious that you are not the only one who would like this implemented.

    Btw the unapproved post thing is there for a reason - It prevents spammers to just flood the place via new-account creation. Sorry for the wait thought!