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Thread: Cup and Champions Status

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    Cup and Champions Status

    I would like to see two things:

    1) See how my friends (both top eleven and facebook friends) are doing on their cup and champions league. I know I can see if they have a match to play today, I also know who will be their opponent and I also know in which stage of the competition they are playing, but I can't see the rest of their cup or champions league.

    a) I can't see the other semifinal players from their cup or champions. Only their match. Would like to see how is the rest of the competition.
    b) We would also be able to see how they are doing on their champions league group at the beginning of the competition.

    2) See how my league opponents are doing on their cup and champions league competitions. Would like to see if the team i'm facing today is still playing one of those competitions or not.

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    So you like to keep an eye on things then ?

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    I suggested this before, so I am with you