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    Manager performance on Association matches

    I know there is already a sub-forum for players to seek and join associations. However, those players not always have the evidence to prove their value for associations to be willing to accept them there. On the other hand, associations can not always verify this information and have to trust what players tell them. If I'm wrong please delete this suggestion. Thanks.
    My suggestion is that an statistics sheet with players performance information of every associations they've been part of is implemented to the game. Something like:

    Jan Feb Feb Mar Apr May ...
    Managers United. The Fellowship
    4 weeks. 10 weeks
    16 matches. 20 matches
    10 victories. 20 victories
    6 loans. 0 loans
    4 bonif. 12 bonif.

    Maybe not now. But, in the distant future... after my first suggestion is implemented

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    Well you can always kick out members of the F.A. group if they perform under the intended group-standards but some more information being readily available would definitely be of use. Not only for the F.A. but for other aspects of the game.

    Some managers have suggested that being able to see such stats would be helpful for sending direct negotiation offers - The issue there being that quite a few of these offers get completely ignored, for starters. (Basically, determine if a Club is actively being played or not, etc)