A. Post Game Fan Report

I have spectated a few games and there has been times when I have been really impressed with a players performance, and times when its clear a certain player or formation choice is letting the team down.

It would be good if fans could leave a match report, similar to the one that is currently generated but more specific than the generic " Frank Lampard scored an amazing goal" and "Lionel Messi made a great assist"

You would be able to leave 5 bullet point statements selectabe from a number of drop downs to create a comment on formation/tactics/ individual player performance ect. for example;

your AMR made crucial passes going forward
your LB could not handle the AMR
your RDC positioning was brilliant
your CM was the true man of the match
your team lacked control in the midfield
their 451 was overpowering on the wings

helpful to the managers who are unable to watch the game
helpful to managers who are "trialling" new transfers/youth players to get a second opinion
gives a real purpose of spectating a friend
allows for tips/knowledge sharing
negates the need for "in game chat" and all the associated issues i.e. offensive language/bullying ect..

B. Fan Interactions during game
the ability for fans to make live comments by selecting pre determined text boxes e.g.

Great Goal!
So Close!
What a Finish
What a Save!
Push Harder!
Park the bus!
Come on you Reds!
Your not singing any more!