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Thread: Negotiations in the forum

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    Negotiations in the forum

    Ok agreed, if in-game negotiations do not change, this feature is a big failure.

    Could we start a negotiations-transfer thread in the forum?
    Would be this acceptable from Nordeus side? (I cannot find out why not)

    I have some tokens in my pocket for 2 seasons now waiting to overspend them for a true diamond.
    2 seasons now I get ****.
    From scout list, from negotiations list, from SA proposals. Nothing close to my needs

    What if there was a thread where I could set an advertisement.
    For example:
    "Seeking for AMC+AMR player, 20-22 age, quality 99, willing to spend x ammount of tokens "

    If the right proposal comes in, I am willing to give the 30 tokens fee + 20 tokens for seller + a great amount of money. (this is the max I can see as an offer I am putting here for an example)
    No one loses.

    Negotiations of price can come via PM, FB friendship for the transfer, delete FB friendship. End of story.

    -How do you find it as an idea?
    -Do you think there are "security" flaws that we should not do it? Maybe some people get advantage of it somehow?
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    well, that was already happened but I can't find it now.
    A sticky thread about transfers but it was a fail as there are some hundred servers and many levels, so it's almost impossible to find a manager with the same server and level, who wants to buy/sell a player.
    If negotiations will be free of servers some day, then yes it can be good to start it over again.
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    I was pretty sure that I could not be the first one thinking about it

    Too bad it failed, it would be a workaround to in game negotiations that are weak.

    Thanks for info