So I have some ideas here...

  1. For the youth academy, it should be better for us to determine which players we need, such as DC only, ST only, Etc. because sometimes we get those we don't need as replacement at all (For example ML for 4-3-3 narrow or AMC for 4-5-1V.). It will be nice as well if all the players offered are free or the Youth Academy will be a total waste.
  2. For the sponsors, it will be better as well to introduce challenge sponsors. They will provide you funds for certain achievements during the match, such as scoring a hat-trick, having defender score a goal, or having a clean sheet.
  3. More nationalities in auctions. It might be irrelevant, but for the sake of fun, It will be awesome if we have not only Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai, or any other big Europeans as Nordgens. It might be illogical, but it is hillarious too if we have certain nations like Indian, Chinese, Oceanians, or any Nordgens from unusual countries.
  4. Better Progression for players. Many have talked about this but this is my idea : The players will grow the fastest at ages 18-24, slower at 25-29, and slowest at 30-34. It is such a pain to sell some players once they reach age 22 or more just because they are no longer 5*.
  5. Awards for best players. This is also the one that has been talked over the years. Because if not, what ot means for one player to have most goals, most assists, or the best overall rating in a season? It's also nice to introduce this feature in Cups, Cls, and SLs.
  6. Stamina doesn't matter in Associations. It's such a pain to waste tons of Rest Packs after a League,CL,Cup,orSL matches just because there is an Association Match coming up in less than 30 minutes. I really want the teams compete at max stamina, or even better, max morale as well, so only Skills and Tactics that matter.
  7. Lastly, friendly matches increase training bonuses. It will be nice if we can increase training bonuses by facing same in strength, or better, opponents in friendlies, because if we don't, what's the point doing friendlies other than formation testing? It's a waste of energy as well.

Let me know if some of my thoughts are bulls too. Thanks!