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Thread: Some suggestion about tactics and more

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    Lightbulb Some suggestion about tactics and more

    first, my apologize for my weak english

    i have some suggesstions that i think they are necessary for this great game, TE11

    first about teamwork,,,, we all know that if some players play for some game togheter, they become match together and play better,,,, i think we need a percentage meter for this feature,,,, even have a trainig item for that,,,, for example if we buy new player, our teamwork decrease or when we play with our 11 players without changing first-lineups, it become increasing,,,

    next about tactics,,,, i think tactic items arent much enough,,,, for example, give free shooting for some players, or dribbling,,,, or we mark a player as target player that more passes come to him,,,, something like this option,,,,

    and i have also suggestion about skills,,,, i dont know increasing skills how work? is it random? i think its better that, in skill page in a player profile, under each skill be a line that shows how much training need for completing that line and increase that skill,,,, for example, under heading skill there is a narrow line-bar and it seemes 75% full, now, i know that i need just few more heading training to complete this bar and increase heading skill,,,,,

    and i have some tiny suggesstion

    animations in live game be better, and unpredictable,,,, have some new moves,,,, ( animations are so predictable)

    i am lvl 34, i think , and my facilities are upgraded in last year,,,, now what? what can i do with 3B money? no new upgrade?

    youth player still useless,,,, its better have a long time (once in season) but give us a really good youth,,,,

    bonus in not clear enough, for condition bonus, 10 percent of what?

    prize for topscore player, top rating and top assist

    token prize for league cl, nivea, and cup ( for someone in my lvl, money isnt reallyimportant )

    i hope we can see this things in new updates and enjoy a realler manager simulation,,,,

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    true about the animations.. like has the keeper ever saved a direct freekick... no its always in or a miss
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    All suggestions are good. And kind of obvious to be honest. But nobody cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    ..... like has the keeper ever saved a direct freekick... no its always in or a miss
    My keepers save often...

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    like the suggestion. like to add individual instruction or by zone.
    etc. striker - to take shot outside the box.
    mc - play through ball
    winger - high crosses
    defence - ??
    And half time talk or instruction.
    just a suggestionšŸ˜
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