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    Club Hall of Fame

    One aspect I believe could improve this game is by giving your club more of an identity and preserve its history. All clubs in real life have their honorable players. Whether it be most goals scored, appearances, top rated of all time, most expensive...

    I am about to lose one of my best players to retirement and I've had him for almost a year. But when he's gone, that's it, buy a replacement and that'll be the end of that. But should it be?

    Since many people here have kept their club for quite a long time now, it would be great to have these features implemented because it gives your club an extra layer of identity. Maybe for example, in the club tab, there would be stats and a list compiled of your most legendary players that played for your club.

    What do you guys think?
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    I feel you and totally agree. Even though they ain't real, I myself have grown quite fond of some of my players and will hate for them to get lost in the abyss of nothingness after a while So much time spend in training them, caring for them, I actually started liking these guys! In my opinion they do deserve a Hall of Fame or at least something in those lines.

    Me and Jeeves actually talk about this from time to time ( I think he also commented on a similar suggestion a while back here on the forum). I remember he was really fond of the idea 'cause some time ago he used to have a super-star team ( I'm kinda envious of that fact ) and damn, they actually worked together perfectly .

    So I'd be pretty down for the implementation of such a feature. It would be pretty awesome.

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    This totally makes a sense. I miss some of my record breaking players from back in the day.