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    I suggest that the top eleven association officials should grant the right to other members to change their captain if they found out that, their captain is not showing a commitment, or sometimes a particular manager might have stop playing the game but the other managers would not know and will still be in the association not performing. If there could be a system such that will help other managers of equal rights in association to change their captain who is not committed to the game. leaving the responsibility to only the captain to do so is not the best.
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    Hey Nicholas! ^_^

    Thanks for the suggestion!

    It is true that sometimes FAs struggle with inactive captains, who eventually turn in dead weight to the other members. So a similar feature could be helpful. But it also opens the option for abuse due to it granting permission to other members, who might choose to overtake the captain status even if the active captain does his duties and deserves his place.

    Would you recommend any way to avoid such situations?
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    if the captain has no actions in two weekends/tournaments (not attending, not exchanging bonus, no loans) the captainship goes (auto) to next older active member.
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    I strongly agree with Voldara, such an option would create a lot of problems.

    The thing is when you join in an association you should know where to join, you are not forced to join any association and you can feel free to create your own.

    Regarding inactive leaders, can be a solution but who can set up the right amount of time? Some managers can have some issues in connecting to the game so setting the right amount of time would be almost impossible.
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    In your threads, administrating things up!
    Yep Voldara brings up an excellent point. While useful, a system like this would be open for abuse by malicious managers, and it's hard to prevent such occurrences while also providing such freedom of expression.
    It's a tough thing to balance.

    But still, while there isn't a function in the game that helps out with inactive F.A. Captains, there is the option of writing to our support team about this.

    BUT please remember the following rule - A support agent will relinquish the Captain title from the current captain of your FA groups only in the case that said captain has been inactive for the past 30 days.

    If you go to support with such a request I would advise that you chat about who will be the new Captain of the group, in the FA chat. Vote for it among yourselves.