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    Lightbulb Negotiations fix and notification management

    Hello TE Staff and guys!

    I have two suggestions for development. I know that you get too many ideas that are not able to dev because we users cannot really see the backend management, so we are not able to see clearly what kind of features can be implemented in a game concept like this. I am a software developer and I was a gameplay creative at an mmo couple of years ago, so I am trying to think in a way you may do, sorry if the idea is unusable.

    Handle inactive negotiation partner users

    The problematic situation is that inactive negotiation partners are one of the most annoying part of this game. The first type of this user is who is simply inactive, has not visited the game for ages but he has his player in the negotiations list. I offer him my money, my tokens, and the next 23 hours are just a completely unnecessary reservaton of my tokens and my TIME. Since the target player's manager is not visiting the game he hasn't got a simple clue that his player got an offer.
    Recommended solution: Dont put those players on the negotiations list whose manager has not visited the game for 3 weeks.

    The second type of this user is who is active and sees clearly that he got an offer, but he is not strong-minded or simply does not have the courage to reject or accept because it is more comfortable for him to simply ignore the offer rather than simply reject it and dont waste my precious time. I know this is a hard part because this is extremely subjective and cannot be measured whether it is about time wasting or strategic thinking by the other user.
    Recommended solution: Somehow form the UI in a way that it leads to instant decision making if the user is online. For example not only assistant notification should he get but make a mini, fix hovering panel into the corner that always showing the Accept - Reject buttons.

    Notification management
    If you open the profile of a match, under the "versus" sign there is the time of the match. How about putting an "alarm clock" icon there, and you can request a push notification of any matches you want. The same you get when you have your own matches. So if you want to support your friends or simply curious about a league match, but it is hard to remember the time or setting your basic phone alarm clock is boring, you may do this. It would also attach a more stabile user audience for matces.

    Dear moderators, if you find it usable, try to send it for the creatives and the managers at least for a brain-storming.

    Have a good day and keep up the good work!

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    Hey Geri ^-^

    Thanks for the suggestions! They are nicely put and have arguments why this should be introduced to the game, and that's really awesome!

    Regarding the first suggestion, I do agree that it is somewhat annoying to have your Tokens stalled if the other Manager is inactive or is unsure whether or not he wants to sell his player. And the Manager, who proposed the offer has no other choice but to wait until the negotiation is expired. I've been there and it was not pleasant.

    I also quite like the second suggestion, because recently I've been supporting two of my in-game Friends a lot and I have to constantly check their Fixtures, because I often forget the time their matches are set for. ( Memory of a goldfish here ). So a timer or an alarm could make such situations easier.

    Rest assured, I will be forwarding you ideas to our devs and they will check them out.

    Have an awesome day!

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    Very nice

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    I mostly agree

    but the second part of bidding i don't.
    If a manager keeps annoying another manager with ridicules 0-3 tokens offers for a great player, the 24 hours rule can be a blessing to keep the bidding from coming over and over and over again.

    to be constructive: the manager with the desired player should be able to put in an auto reject minimum, like for example 5 tokens (or a price) so he doesn't get bothered
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