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    Transfer token fee for seller

    I really enjoy selling ( body... )

    This suggestion has come up in the past I think, but not sure.


    I consider selling an interesting aspect of the game.
    I like building a player and having him close to 6star and wait for the right negotiation... and I always sell high

    But here it is today, first day of season I have a bunch of 99% players (for various levels), the offer will definitely come but I don't have time to wait, because my squad is full and I need to sign a contract for my new players.

    So I am selling and I see bid wars for my players.

    I am in a level (23) where money are secured. I do not need more money. To tell you the truth I am not sure how to spend them (Nordeus can I redeem in real money? )
    What would be interesting though, would be to have a transfer token fee for the seller. Let's say 10%.

    So if in "bid wars" 10 tokens total were spent by potential buyers, 1 token to be given to seller.

    I think it is fair, the price is low for Nordeus selling department, and it makes selling feature even more interesting.

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    Hey Cloverfield!

    Thank you for the awesome idea! I also quite enjoy the selling feature myself.

    A transfer fee would be a nice addition, and as you pointed out, could make this feature even more interesting! Let's hope the devs also like the idea, because I think the other Managers wouldn't mind getting an extra Token when selling a player
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    Cloverfield, the idea is not new just as you said and is a good one, I like it and somehow would be fair but is just not so simple as long this can be very easy abused especially at the low levels where you can create alt accounts and over bid for your players, basically you opened a new legit way to exploit the game, I know how it sounds but I know the players and I know what they will do.

    Exactly on the same idea, people already abuse the money you can earn thru transfers, that's why you can see low level teams with billions and yet this exploit wasn't fixed.

    The idea is great and I am pro but sadly isn't that easier to find a way to block people to abuse from it.
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    Ouch.. I haven't foreseen the exploit aspect of this.

    Maybe the tokens fee percentage could be limited only for offers coming from managers from level 4 and up.
    So typically it would be a feature unlocked for level 4 managers just like negotiations