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    3rd and 4th Place in Cup

    Hello, I am new on this as this is my first thread.

    I believe that it would be nice if there could be a match for the third and forth place in the Cup. The match could be played two (2) days before the Final and the Cup itself would then last more time. The winner of that match would receive economical benefits like 1/4 of the Cup winner prize and the loser 1/8. The winner would get a medal, which already exists, and the loser would get a medal too. As far as I am concerned, the best way to show one team is better than another team is by playing a match and not by selecting a team that has conceded less goals. There's the League for example, 8 teams out of 4 receive distinctions so it would be good for the teams in the Cup to receive distinctions.

    To sum up, it would be nice for the teams to play a third and forth match in Cup. Therefore, it would encourage members to get through the latest stages in Cup.

    Jhon (or John)

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    Heya John

    Thank you for your idea An additional match could bring the more deserving team to the third place, regadless if the goal differences before that. May the stronger one win after all. And, as you mentioned, it could make the Managers more ambitious even if they've lost the fight for the first place.

    I'll report you suggestion to the devs Keep up the good work!