1.To start a new super cup tournament where teams who have won the champions league or Nivea men league from a particular league level are randomly drawn with teams who have done the same in the same league level.this would mean stretching the season to 27 days.

2.introducing a system where the assistant manager is more helpful by providing extra information about each player in the team about their potential role in a particular tactical system.

3.a community shield match will also be an awesome competition contested between two randomly chose league or cup champion teams in the same league level.

4.inrtoduce a post and pre match interview where the manager can comment on the match if he wants to before and after the match

5.ability to withdraw from a negotiation offer

6.as this is a football manager game I would like to suggest that even if clubs are very different in terms of quality use a system where if the lower quality team uses the right and perfect tactics the team has the chance to get a good result.in other words make each manager in the game dedicate their time to find counters for their opponent's formations irrespective of quality.

7.introduce player conversations in the game where if players are not given chances in the first team,they request you to name them in the starting lineup or other situations.my suggestions are

A)boss,I've not been getting enough chances in the first team this season.i would like to play in our next match so that I can prove my worth( when player not getting enough chances)

B)boss,I would like to get a contract extension this season as I feel I have a lot more to give to this club(request for contract extension)

C)boss,I'm planning to retire this season.i hope that you will respect and accept my decision(retiring decision)

Before I put in my next sub suggestion I would like for nordeus to introduce a transfer request system where an unhappy player can choose to leave.

D)boss,I'm not happy with my role at the club and so I would like to hand in a transfer request

8.inroduce clauses in a player's contract such as RELEASE CLAUSE and other sub clauses such as GOALand ASSIST BONUSES and SALARIES(for this the player will quote an amount and then the manager will have to decide to stick with it or increase the amount.this will happen after the signing of the player as before signing the player the manager will already be aware of the base salary of the player.so Because of this the manager can only increase the salary)THESE CLAUSES HAVE TO COST TOKENS

9.by biggest suggestion of all-the introduction of national teams.i know this sounds stupid but each country in the game can have their own association where each season the best 3 players in top eleven from that country are shortlisted and the manager for the national team is chosen on the basis of voting.the national team job can be held for a maximum period of one season.