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    Red face Two new Suggestions

    1st when you click on friends team to support as a fan, you could you be given a bonus such as you do on opening screen multi choice of red treatments, blue moral boosters, green rests, tokens or money. This will encourage other players to support each other.

    2nd To have a player of the year award just like real football, The winner gets tokens, could also have 2nd and 3rd, 3 tokens for first, 2 tokens for second and 1 token for third. I know we have top goal scorer but this would be based on players ratings throughout the season.

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    Hi roggcar ^_^

    Thank you for your ideas!

    I agree that some bonus for supporting your friends might make this feature a tad more appealing. Regarding the second suggestion, also a nice one! How do you think it might better the game experience for you and the other managers?

    Rest assured, I will be forwarding this to the devs!

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    Player of the Season is a more subjective thing - how would you judge it? I know I give out my own Player of the Season when I do my end of season report on the 'Season xx' thread, and the players overall average match rating is a major part of that decision making. But on occasion I have gone past that to give it to a player who hasn't had the most highly rated season, but has stood out in other ways which is more a product of their individual achievements, e.g. top goal scorer or most assists.
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