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    We should have in the section where all the transfers happen we should have loan section because aside from the financial benefits, clubs also benefit in terms of squad building. Allows all clubs to fill out their squads and add much needed depth to their small squads. Loanees can be brought in at various points throughout the season, this aids the clubs in need for players as they can replace players who pick up injuries throughout the season. On the other hand, the parent clubs also take advantage of the loan system when building their squad for the season. It allows the players to gain precious time on the pitch whereas they would otherwise be sitting in the stands doing nothing as a result and the moral of those players will start going down. It is especially helpful to young players who gain valuable first team experience from going on loan to another club that gives them 1st team action each game , which they wouldn’t get at their own club. It gives them a chance to hone their technical skills and mature physically and mentally.

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    This suggestion has been discussed a lot of times. I always object. But I don't fully understand the recent changes of the game. Anyway, I don't like this to implement in normal part of this game. In case it should be brought to developers to consider, please make sure loan should be in same club level, reasonable tokens should be charged and number of incoming and outgoing loans per team should be limited. There are a lot of suggestions on this that can be easily searched in this forum.

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    I don't agree.
    It is too complicate and more possible is to use it for abusing/manipulate the draws than something constructive.
    Fixing the youth academy would be more useful.
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    Don't think it is a good idea, unless you limit the quality of players that you can get, like 4 stars max.
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