Count this as my official suggestion for the Nordeus team.

There are lots of games out there where the task is simple: accrue as many resources as you can, by using money, to give yourself a clear advantage. There are not many aspects to the game, so that it is simple and easier to pick up. Perhaps some players get bored of it in the end, either because there isn't that much complexity, or it is too difficult to compete without spending money, but at least there will always be a consistent stream of new players.

Top Eleven was different. In Top Eleven, there were many aspects of the game that required careful planning, thinking, and testing. From buying players, to selling players, to trainings, to in-game tactics, to stadium upgrades, to ticket prices, the list went on and on as to the amount of aspects one could control to try to shape the game the way they want and see what nuances could help their team succeed. This resulted in lots of different, interesting strategies that managers could use, which kept the game exciting year after year, keeping long-term managers engaged. It took a while for new managers to get the hang of it, but it could be a rewarding experience in the end.

Lately, I am fearing that Top Eleven is moving away from this and is becoming a regular, run-of-the-mill game. While training customization was good, managers no longer had the option of assigning where exactly the training points went. This also occurred with training points that were generated during games. Next, bugs became more regular, where results and tactics could be affected drastically by errors in the code of the game. Now, Nordeus has introduced a system of buying/selling players that rewards exorbitant spending of tokens, while removing much of the strategy that went into the auctions of each and every player. Also, they have removed all selling of players from Managers to Managers from Auctions, which removes a great deal of strategy that went into choosing which players to buy, and which players to sell, and when to sell these players. Now, it is a roll of the dice to where your players get sold, and once they are gone, you will never see them ever again, which removes the other unique aspect of the game that every manager is connected somehow.

These changes have me deeply worried about the future state of the game. The developers clearly had no qualms about completely removing one of the most defining aspects of the game. What's to say that more aspects will be removed for the sake of simplicity? Will arrows be removed? Will the removal of one star between seasons go away? Will the season become shorter? Will games become fully simulated, with no ability to manually sub or change tactics?

I desperately plead with Nordeus in this way: Please return to the core principles that made Top Eleven such a unique, engaging game that caused me and many others to devote years to the game to try to understand the intricacies within the game. This trend of removing features to sacrifice realism for easiness goes against the basic ideas that made Top Eleven such a one-of-a-kind game. Please, go back to these principles that you once held dear, such that us managers may play the game that we also once held dear.