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Thread: Suggestion for terrible auction update

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    Suggestion for terrible auction update

    We all know how terrible the new update is; paying a hefty amount of tokens and high cash to buy players. I doubt the nordeus developers would ever consider reverting back to the original one.

    I suggest the following improvements:

    1. instead of just the cash for the player to go to the seller, even the tokens of the highest bidder should go to the seller along with money.

    2. Keep the 4 minute auction thing and token refund, but just make each bid to be the same 1 token, not increasing it with each bid.

    3. Decrease the cash amount rise with each bid.

    4. Only same level users to bid or 1-2 levels higher and lower.

    Hop nordeus does something about this and listen to the dissatisfied users ASAP.
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