I know that this has been suggested before.
But it's kinda ridicilous that after 4year it has still not been solved.
there are 4 tv-rights right now.
The 3rd option is really terrbile right now. Why is the most compettive tv-right the least rewarding.
Even if you win every single match it's not reward and worth the risk. If you are a middle pack team it's by far the worst option.

My suggestion is to make it 2tokens per won game. This would lead good managers earning more/same tokens as other options.
It would be also worth the risk to take if you believe that your team will be top 4. Right now the competitive games are whatever. I don't even watch them since it doesn't really matter. When it's an assocation match happens it feels way more competitve because of the Points system and the rewards are nice. I hope that good managers get rewarded. There are alot of outdated features currenly in the game i really hope the best for a healthy gaming experience.