Dear all players and someone who are going to play this game , I can tell that this game has many problem, one thing is very seriously bad that,

as all playing this games' players including me , we also get reward training bounce & recovery packs by watching "free video" ( video advertisement ),

they are very important for the squad players condition recovery & training their skill , without these , then we are hard to win over the opponent term.

so every players are very seriously to get full free rewards for these recovery pack and training bounce everyday !!!

But In March / April - 2017 , around 2 - 4 days ( I forgot which date ) , I cannot get any rewards by watching the "free video", the reason was due to an individual advertisement error,
when i tab on "Free video" that few days , just only show this error video ( name "財神到" ) , I cannot see others brand video, because the error video blocked all other video !! So , I told the support team this disasters status immediately , the support team said they are going to check with the video supplier, but i still cannot get any rewards for few days, therefor I spent more then 50 pcs of "rest pack" to train up and recovery that few days !

I was suffered and told the support team to compensate for me, firstly they said they will contact the video supplier for the compensation issue, after a mouth more, they reported me i could get the rewards but not those suffer days, so I was very angry to tell them why not check around each day by 2016 From February up to end of the April, but the support team still very stubborn to tell me I could get the rewards, they will not compensate for this issue , how dishonest they are !! ( game creator / video supplier )

In the games , if you want to have recovery packs , we need to pay tokens, and the token selling in real money, for my case , 50 recovery pack cost 46 token, and 51 tokens selling in USD $ 6.80 , i am suspecting & wondering they are making errors on the free video and to push all of us ( players ) to billing real money on this game ! How business genius & good strategy they did !

to know more around this , you may send me mail :