With football being a internationally popular sport and TE being a popular facebook game it's hard to think of a reason WHY THERE IS NO NIGHT MODE?!!!!!!!

Ok.. now with that out, I seriously think there should be a NIGHT MODE for the game so that we can play without disturbing out wives or roommates when we have to pop in to check on a game or auctions that's occurring after dark in our areas as that does happen a lot when mixed with people from other countries.

The current UI is quite bright with a gradient shade of light grey being the basic back ground for everything. I think a lot of people would appreciate a night mode option.

1. A black background color with light grey fonts
2. No screen blinking message when a goal is scored in games. <-- very important!!
3. Set times for when this option can be automatically toggled on/off

Please make a NIGHT MODE so that managers can have peaceful home lives.

If anyone has more ideas for a night mode feel free to comment.