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Thread: What i hate in top eleven

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    What i hate in top eleven

    what i hate in top eleven. i dont know if another manager posted a thread like this because i wont waste my time by watching it. it will get ignored as i think.. so thats it

    ive been manager since 2012, i didnt hate anything till now,. i was/am addicted to the game. but?? two things must change. but first of all the negotiation thing is retarded. since the new transfer system came. people are using the negotiations.. so i make an offer to a player. it shows 10 tokens and 100M$ .. the manager gets 100M$ and one token.. what happens to the 10 token that i spent? why shouldnt the manager get 10 tokens instead of one. its boring/ also. since i spent more than 50 tokens on some players. people are making offer with 100 Million and 0 token. why should i accept it? i spent 20 tokens on a ST. do you expect me to sell it by 0 tokens. really brah

    .all i say is. update it OR close it we should be able to get all the tokens when a manager puts it to a player....
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    I think the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by adam.jus View Post
    I think the same
    In the current climate I also agree.

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    Totally agree, thats why i packed it in this season, been playing TE for over 2 years. And finally caught myself on, it's a money milking app. nordeus don't care about the players, The entire app is based on how many tokens your willing to buy. As for the new shambles of a transfer market. It totally ruined the game. Thank god i quit. time for something new.