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Thread: Suggestion for Top Eleven Challenge : Fairplay !

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    Lightbulb Suggestion for Top Eleven Challenge : Fairplay !

    New idea for future challenge :

    A 15 days Challenge

    - Each team has 14 points to start the match !
    - With no cards at the end of match, it means the team earns 14 points !
    - Each direct red card means -4 pts per red card at the end of match on the starting 14 points
    - Each first yellow card per player means -1 point at the end of match on the starting 14 points
    - each second yellow card of a player transposing into a red card means -2 more points at the end of match on the starting 14 points

    Exemple : Team finishes the match with 1 direct red card, 2 yellow cards and 1 transposing yellow/red card.

    Starting match is 14 points
    - Player A got 1 Direct red card means -4 points.... so now team is at 10 points
    - Player B got 1 yellow card means -1 point... so now team is at 9 points
    - Player C got too 1 yellow car and it means too -1 point... so now Team is at 8 points
    - Player B got a second yellow card transposing into a red card. It means -2 points more... So now team is at 6 points

    End of match, team finishes with 6 points.

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    Cards are random, so your suggestion is rubbish

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    Your comment is rubbish !

    I play top 11 for a long time now, and I can ensure that if we cannot be sure we have no card during a match, I can ensure too it is easy to favor a clean sheet !
    And if you saw, you start the match with 14 points. So you know too it is marginal time where you got 2 red cards and lot of yellow too in the same match.

    Finally this suggestion is an idea to play "light" (and not into agressive mentality) and it can favor too lot of goals !

    Finally we can also say that the current live challenge is a rubbish too ! You have to order your goal keeper to shoot penalties/free-kicks, and then defenders.... to get more points. What s the interest ? Same for substitutes.. No really interest but the idea to start match with 3 substitutes that have to be change immediately the match is starting ! Etc .

    Finally, this is just an idea that can please some and diserve no consideration for others as you.

    But feel free to be creative and propose other challenges ideas !!!!! I would be your first support.... but I am sure you prefer to be critical. Easier !

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    Because the cards are dealt at random, your advice is meaningless. drift boss