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    Skill, Fitness and Training Record

    Pretty straight forward suggestion. It would be nice to have access to how much your player has improved since you bought him. Something like a graph showing you his average percentage in Def, Att and Phy over time.

    Additionally some stuff could be added to the graph like red horizontal lines of inactivity showing periods of being injured, thus being able to assess if a player is injury-prone.

    Why this would be useful is to know which players are slowing down in development and whether or not to sell them soon. It would also be useful in knowing which players to focus on training.

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    Good one, @Van Banana

    I personally might see myself enjoying such a feature, as some of my players I've had for quite a while and seeing how they've grown could be truly interesting.

    Rest assured, I'll be forwarding your suggestion!

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    history and game statistic. very hard for them to do it. they more focus on improving TM for more profit.