i'd like to see factual stats in auctions, rather than stats dreamed up by the system to encourage me to buy particular players. it seems every player in auction these days has form of 9-10-10-8-9-7-10 etc etc. so you buy them and play them and what you actually get is 6-7-7-7-7-7-7. what is the purpose of this? why am i paying extra for players who supposedly have consistent good performances, but in fact do not. it would help if there was some way of telling which players are sold by real players and have true stats, and which are sold by a bot and the stats are invented out of thin air.

it is quite common to see players who have stats like 10-10-10-9--9-10 and when you look at the rest of the stats it says they have been MOM 1 or 2 times. this rings alarm bells with me right away. the stats just dont make sense, there is no logic to so many auction stats, please do not put any stats if the player has no real form to go by. just leave it up to us to take a chance on what his form may be instead of telling us lies. please distinguish which form is true and which is false, i see no sense in you puttign fake stats on players in auctions, it just pisses me off more with this game than i already am. i no longer play league games due to the troll results, i just play association which appears to have the troll switch turned off most of the time.