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Thread: Auction market suggestions

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    Post Auction market suggestions

    Here are some suggestions I came up with in a list form, just like nik's thread.

    1) Domestic and International Markets
    This one is a wild card, so I don't think that this idea will go very far. The domestic market includes players in the country your club is based off of.
    The international market is all those other players not from the country your based in.
    The domestic market will usually have better players than abroad. You could upgrade the scouts to get better quality players.

    2) Make players in market from actually managers, not bots
    If this makes a return, I could also suggest a token bonus when the player is going higher than 10+ tokens.

    3) Make players open to managers based on their level
    I also hope this makes a return as bidding wars are getting bigger for good players.

    4) Spend real tokens after 10 second mark
    I also don't know about this one, but it could limit bidding wars.

    5) Less 3* players

    These are some abstract suggestions (except 2 & 3), as I thought about this in about 5 minutes. (so don't bash on me if this doesn't suit the devs)
    If you have any more suggestions, I'm all ears.
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    1). Does not make sense in Top Eleven. Player Nationality is a cosmetic thing in the game. Domestic or International players perform according to skill and the hidden talent.
    2). I would LOVE this.....this is something that made the original market much better than the current one!! You sell and buy from real players. Bot team players exists , only for the Nordgen players.
    3). Like point 2, this was implemented in the original TM and would be a welcome return
    4). Agree 100% with this. Letys have some accountability for those willing to press the BID button indiscriminately.
    5). Not sure about this. The 3* players I buy fetch me good tokens in return from -2 level teams. I would like to continue to see the 3 and 4* players...maybe the number of players in 4 min window can be increased to get more 5* players.
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    Let me add/repeat here also mine

    - The list of the players we see, must be bigger so to have more choices or can be more difficult to follow every current auction (so less super bidding wars).
    - The current list of players in auction, can be seen from fewer managers (not so many endless auctions).
    - Few times per day, can have a wild card. Meaning that one player of the current list, is available only for us.
    We can have him with only one token.
    But we cannot see who is that player unless we test it.
    At that auction, our assistant , Mou, just give us a notification .
    - Once in a while, in one of the players we 're selling, there can be a (fake) bidding war so we can earn some extra money.
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