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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge Timóteo View Post
    Also, why can't we have something like this?

    I mean, what's the point of winning titles if you can't show them off?
    I totally agree with you! That would be a good idea.
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    Yes, the bare minimum would be something like that. Is so frustrating trying to show your effort to someone else in the game. Who cares what you did last season when you are at level 35... its 1/35 of your time spent in the game... Was the lamest downgrade from the old TE versions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge Timóteo View Post
    Also, why can't we have something like this?

    I mean, what's the point of winning titles if you can't show them off?
    Actually is a great idea, if they do not watch to add back the Club Trophy room this can be a good solution!
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    i was thinking about that, yes it is very good for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    It's not only about showing off.
    In my first levels, being able to see some other team's achievements was very helpful too.
    For example when I had a friend request from someone, I was examining his profile.
    If he had low level in "True fan", it was a reject from me.
    If me and someone else were together in some auction, I was checking his "Mogul" lv or if he had the Stubborn achievement , to avoid a bidding war against him.
    Of course now all those achievements has no meaning as I 've finished them (as all the teams of my lv) before many years.
    But it would be interesting (if they are visible of course), to reset or to have some current achvm. for the recent - last 3 seasons for example.

    Unfortunately the game goes more to visual than strategical development the last years.
    by being able to see our achievements, this will make us more active in pursuing ... or if it has been obtained. even this can be one way we socialize more.
    will be able to make the players of this game very active playing.

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    Make league tiers.

    What do you guys think??
    I was just thinking of something. Maybe it will not be able to happen but if maybe we could get separated in regions or servers and then there are about 3-4 league tiers in each region and you battle to reach the top tier of your region. Teams at the bottom of each tier get relegated to lower tier. And the top 8 teams of the top tier get a chance to face other teams from different servers or regions in the Champions League or Super Cup. So this way maybe we'd get to keep our group of players a little longer like in national teams. Because you sometimes get a good set of players and have to switch almost half the next season because of one less star.

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    I am new to the forum and Can someone explain briefly about the forum.

    I read all those posts and all everything are great achivements.
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    What are people achieving? I don't consider winning trophies through luck an achievement.

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