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    Stars on Shirt, Individualism, Full Kits


    I would love to see a star on your clubs shirt above the logo, for every 5 times of being league champion. Or maybe for every Champions League win, or Cup win. Just a small feature which would show a managers efforts and achievements .

    Also, would love to see more options to create jerseys for your team. Full kits would be awesome as well, with socks and shorts to create more individualism for your team. All these suggestions are in line of making your team more personal and unique. As a manager with 5 years experience, this is important to me.

    Last suggestion is for a official club. My hometown club is in Arnhem, the Netherlands. It is called Vitesse. The only other dutch club currently featured in Top Eleven is Ajax. Would love to play with their emblem and jersey as great fan .

    Thanks for reading, would love to hear your viewings on my suggestions!
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    Your idea about the stars is quite interesting, I don't know unfortunately if that is possible for the graphic designers, sounds like a difficult progress to me.

    The full kit suggestion is something I read very often. More managers are searching for a way to make their club more unique and/or create a club culture of their own. Full kits would be a change that could do that. More options for the creation of emblems en kits would definitely do the trick.

    I have also been playing for about 2 years now and the club shop (at least the creator for shirts and emblems) hasn't been given much attention. New standard jerseys and emblems have been added recently, but a unique kit and club look (logo) is something I like more.

    Your official club suggestion is actually not bad, I believe that there is a large demand for new official clubs. Last time a new club was added was a long time ago. Clubs like Chelsea and Man United are frequently requested. I like however your suggestion for a new Dutch league club. I am Dutch as well, and I would like seeing more Dutch clubs in Top Eleven.

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    The stars above the emblem won't be because I don't know, devs are occupated in things that has big benefits to TE.

    About the second thing, it will be nice that creating shirts/emblems may have more features and more cool (but more expensives). Socks and aren't necessary because that's secondary and will be a waste of T.

    But not a bad base. Good ideas.
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    For those wanting certain clubs like Man. U, there might be copyright laws preventing it.

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    Man, I sure love finding threads like this one. I don't know what it is, but they just get me excited about what Top 11 could bring in the future. Yes, even small suggestions like these.

    Individuality is important in all games. And you guys are right, TE could use a touch of it. I've personally always been a strong advocate of updating the Customization feature, adding more options for patterns, colours, logos, all that good stuff - just providing better opportunities to let your creativity roam and establish a certain distinctive uniqueness to your team.

    All of these points we've heard before, even the extra stars added to jerseys. If I'm not mistaken, I saw a thread on this specific suggestion floating around not too long ago. texhorn60, Hoepels and Ursd are correct that these ideas come with certain limitations. Regardless, that doesn't mean we won't be taking them into account. Thanks everyone!