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Thread: Final tickets money

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    Final tickets money

    This game tries to be realistic and stick to competition rules of real life
    So all finals are played on a neutral ground and this is great but why are the finalists not rewarded with ticket income?
    In real life Each team is allocated 50% of tickets.
    We work hard to make it to the final, doesn’t make sense we make 0 income on tickets

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    I am not sure if this is totally true. I don't think the profit from tickets is shared half and half between the clubs. As far as I know for finals there are special rewards for both Clubs. Maybe I am wrong ...
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    yes there is reward for all team when they reach specific stage of cup. but the ticket sale are not allocated to both team at final, maybe the neutral final organizer collect all the ticket sale in return to give reward for both team at final and for the winner.