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Thread: Reduce Stamina recharge

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    Reduce Stamina recharge

    Hello I am here to inform you that when you have to train your players the time it takes to fill up is increbily slow plus some people have like 4 matches a day how do you think we're able to train and play matches when we can't even get the stamina back quick enough.

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    They set it that way to make money. The number of games I play daily that make me use rests drives me nuts and association games on the weekend are even worse.

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    4 matches happen rarely unless you are in a crazy time zone. If you mean 2 association matches, those don't make you lose condition.

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    asso is a pain if the matches are after an official have to replenish your stamina to play the asso.

    apart from that,the regen of stamina is fine for me.a day in the game is like a week in real football 3 matches per day are ok for a good quality team.
    want to play ch.l. and cup and championship.thats the price you have to pay.