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Thread: Offer System - Offer to buy players from any level

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    Offer System - Offer to buy players from any level

    Why i'am saying that , because few of my freinds wanted to buy players from my team but they cant because
    the requirments is level 4 , being level 4 is after 4 months.

    So i recommend to top eleven staff to make it from any level , Some of my freinds bought Tokens
    and they are level 2 and they are no patient about it. So please guyz

    try to change the level requirments..

    More people will buy tokens i'am sure about it.


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    You think is fair but is not, others didn't got this option for 30+ levels so I think you can play a bit if you want that + is maded like that to keep players to play a bit :P it's good maded and they won't change level.
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