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Thread: reminder

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    -give older football players the glory they deserve.
    -award casual active online gamers in and out of the matches.
    -award supporters of friends
    -put a maximum % on tanking
    -punish manipulation somehow(you can do it nordeus!)
    -punish asso manipulation
    -less visuals if needed,more real statistics
    -more realism
    -save 2 or more formations
    -less field graphics(not needed once full upgraded)

    forgot something?

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    Morale loss is a joke. Watching a match is a joke. Association cheating is a joke. IC is a joke. Go back to the original game, fix and improve THAT.

    Make the association and IC different apps and keep the s%*t from these games away from the good original game.

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    The cheating /manipulation in Asso's is pretty easy to fix ( 1. draw is made based on best 11 in each squad 2. Once a season starts you cant move from or to an Asso, what you start the season with is what you have for the whole season ) but for some reason Nordeus doesnt want to do it. They did try in a way and were crucified by the very people who now whine about the cheating/manipulation so I guess we all now continue to suffer because of that.

    The morale loss is a problem as it makes absolutely zero sense and needs to be corrected. Although there are those who will say it doesnt matter and is only superficial I would still like it to be more realistic ( seriously name me a player in the world who scores a hat trick in a team win of 5-1 against top 4 opponent but suffers a morale dive , it just doesnt happen).

    Make Academies more important in the game , at the moment they are usually a waste of time , 1 player sold instantly for cash but as you go up in levels you just dont even bother anymore and the other player is usually not what you need or requires too much to make first team ready and so is again usually a waste of time. The whole Academy situation needs to be revamped and there have been plenty of suggestions in these threads for Nordeus to consider.
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    Some of you look back and remember how it was while some of us look forward to see what it could become

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    john there are a lot of ideas and i'm sure they(nordeus) have even better.
    the question is why nothing it programming,is it money?maybe everything.we'll probably never know...

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    They are just milking the cash cow and clearly don't spend enough on quality devs. Bugs are ridiculous. Closing of loopholes so slow makes a tortoise seem like usain bolt. It's just got so big they are focused on the numbers (new users and marketing) and not the user experience and gameplay any more.

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