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    Heed my words xD

    Nordeus, amigos please!

    I would love to see the sponsors being a bit more hands on and more performance based rewards too ! Sure you can keep the originals , but for example when you sign they can give you tasks to achieve or weekly challenges or purely performance based. So like a weekly challenge of winning a match with 3 or more goals and something with a bit more interactivity than it is right now. Wake up,Renew, repeat.... just tedious ... also I’d love to see a bit more interactivity for the youth academy ? Maybe where you can select some graduates yourself ? And see them progress overtime ?
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    Hey @PleaseHearMeNordeus ! And welcome to the Forum

    You have some nice ideas right here I especially like the second one, in my personal view this might give the users a bit more control over the Academy and even add some realism, as they themselves could be the ones, who choose who gets to pass the Academy and join the team and who not.

    I'll be forwarding both suggestions to the devs!