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    Gameplay suggestions

    Hey top eleven, and the top eleven community,

    I've been playing this game for a while, I left for sometime but I'm back now. I created this thread cos there are a few improvements I'd like to see in the game.
    1. Condition:
    I noticed that under 24 hours every player is assigned a total of 48 rest percents. Part of this is used to play at least one game in a day, and also train at least four times. In essence, the rest percents are in no way supposed to be up to 100 as far as top eleven is concerned, this is quite distressing especially when advertisements has limits and nobody can continuously purchase with money.
    In contrast to this, national team players are assigned 64 rests percent in 24 hours, which even if its not a complete 100% its above 50%.
    What I'm trying to say is that top eleven should increase the amount of rest each player gets in three hours, or better still, reduce the waiting time for every 6% rest. This way a manager can effectively train his/her team and still get the team in a healthy condition state with rest packs and adverts.

    2. Tokens are made too expensive
    I know y'all might not consider this but it's really becoming a problem for managers, in every league there's only about 3-5 managers playing the game constantly, most of them are inactive and one of the major reasons why is because tokens are too expensive hence they get frustrated with the game and quit. While I don't really have anything against using tokens to get players from scout and auctions, my problem is using token to sign your own youth players, its crazy, its like working for a whole month and not getting paid, that's bizarre. I think every youth player should be gotten for free. That's just the way it should be, that should be the one thing gotten for free in top eleven

    3. Players out of contract
    I've been wondering what happens to other the players in other inactive clubs when the contract of the player expires. Earlier I said I took a break from top eleven, and when I came back I noticed all my players had completely been reshuffled, and gone, in my opinion, completely wiped out of top eleven. My suggestion is, this players be valued and put up for immediate purchase, maybe a new transfer section could be put in place for those kind of players. The token would of course be a bit higher than normal transfers. Once a player is bought, another should then be given to the club losing a player(this new player would be of lower value and younger maybe). And in a case were the player hasn't been bought by any club, and the manager returns, he should have an option to get back his/her player for tokens. I know all this is a long process but it'll really be nice if you guys considered it.

    4. Player improvements
    Another suggestion is based on improvement if players, I think there should be a period of rapid improvement for players(maybe in a short period when the player is18 years and 22 years). At this period, game time and training should have a bit more effect on the particular player. This should help younger players to get more game time and hopefully break into the first team which is exciting for every manager. The player should also have improvements in his game(i.e player should play better). When a player is at this part in their career, their morale arrow should have a special colour so the manager would be aware.

    5. Chat menu
    This has been a long standing argument. And understandably so, maybe the fear of the use of rude languages, and the use of the game for illegal purpose is what's stopping you guys. But this has more advantage, each manager wants to have bragging right, and make other managers aware of this (okay I'm talking too much and I don't even think I understand what I'm saying) but y'all get my point though, a chat menu would really be a good way to improve the game.

    6. Player rebirth
    This of course is a personal wish, I had this very special player whom I lost when I left. He has my most appearance, most goals, most assists, most goals in a match. He was very special to me, and probably the reason I'm back. Managers apart from me get too attached to some players and it'll be nice to get them again. I call it the REBIRTH, when a player achieves something that big in one club after playing for five seasons or more, my suggestion should be that after the player has retired or left the club, the same player but a younger version should come through the academy (for free of course, we've talked about this). The player should have same name, country, ability, playing position, strength and weaknesses. I believe top eleven has it's users best interest at heart so doing this would really prove that.

    8. Effective playmaker and dribbler
    My thumb is beginning to ache so I'd try to make this as brief as possible. LET THE WORK OF PLAYMAKERS AND DRIBBLERS BE CLEAR. After training a player with this abilities, and not seeing the effects is really annoying. I think showing the effect even if it doesn't lead to a goal. E.g: the playmaker should be shown in the live animation giving a good pass more often than other players(depending on the position of the player though) this shouldn't always lead to goals. The dribbler should also be shown going past different players before passing or shooting. A dribble specialist should do this often and with ease.

    I'll stop her for now, and I hope to see my ideas put into implantation in the near future, thank you very much.

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    Heya @Phoenix Domi And thanks for the suggestions!

    These types of suggestions may be my personal favorites, cause everything is written so well and аre well reasoned and it's just a personal pleasure of mine to go through reading and reporting everything ( I'm weird like that, I know )

    Now, on a more serious note, I appreciate your ideas and can imagine how such things might be nice additions to the game. I especially enjoyed the third one, it might be a nice way to get back on track faster when you come back to the game. ( I was recently on a long vacation, and when I came back, 5 of my main players had disappeared, so such a feature might have been helpful )

    I have forwarded all your suggestion! Keep up the good work!