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Thread: Reduced players / team quality!?

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    Reduced players / team quality!?

    Every season (if we are promoting to the higher league) we are experiencing 20% reduced team / player quality!
    I think (I know) is waaaay to much!
    My World Class player became just an excellent lvl player! What? So now i can buy easily better players from the market. All players by 23 years of age will be worthless if we have them since 18 years old.
    Whats the point?
    All players in the roster shouldn't reduce equally...At least 2-3 players "just" lets say 10%! So we can keep them in the club for the starting XI.
    Please make this happen, Figure it out something.
    Thanks to read it and if you make a comment than even nicer from you

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    I always work with players of max.. of 22 years old