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    Question Start over button


    I understand that before there was a start over button....

    To start at level 1 again and built the team from nothing up again...

    Please can you put it back in the game.!!!

    I'm level 46 now... all my opponents are 20-30% stronger then me.. Not happy with that....

    Maybe a top of the server problem??

    I do not know but should be awesome just too start over again..


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    As tempting as it might be to start over I just couldn’t do it. For a few seasons I had the same opponents however now I’m at the top of the server some teams are standing still ahead of me and been dragged into my League so we have some different opponents
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    Thanks for the suggestion, @maloukees

    This suggestion I've seen popping up through the years and I get the reasoning behind it.

    As always, I'll be forwarding this!
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