So, after this new changes, instead of a set timed cooldown for the 2x Training bonus and free videos (before it was right after the server maintenance) now it has a 24 hour cooldown starting at the very last video offer you get.

So lets imagine I watch my videos at 8:am and it takes me 30 minutes roughly to watch all the videos, so my next cooldown will be the next day at 8:30.

The next day I start watching my videos at 8:30 so the day after will be at 9:00. The next day at 9:30, day after that at 10:00, the next at 10:30, 11:00 ...

So my cooldown will be geting delayed on and on and on. Until it reaches really unconvinient times like after the games where the 2x Training bonus is no longer usefull to me.

Someday I will end up having my free videos after I need the packs to rest my players, so me as a F2P will be in HUGE disvantage.

As a free player I am always struggling to manage my free packs wisely which for me is kinda hard when you have 2 games everyday Sometimes I can't even enter some events simply because I cant afford to spend packs on it since I'm focusing mostly on the championship or champions league.

Some might say, you can always reset it to the time more convinient to you by not watching videos for 24 hours, but that means i will be one day without geting any rewards or training bonuses and I will be in even more disvantage my team will go to the games without enough resting and game bonuses.

So with this new changes it comes to complicate everything even more for me as F2P.

You guys said you implemented this changes to give more balance but it hurts the F2P how is this even balanced? It comes to create more problems and to be quite honest I don't really think it solved anything.

So here are my suggestions:

Set the 2x training bonuses and video rewards like it was previously

Or at least set the 24 hour cooldown on the first video watched, this way I can set and find a confortable time for me to watch the videos

Another thing I found is, imagine i am really low on green packs, so i try to watch all me free video offers on green packs but what happens is the game won't let me do it, because it seems to be a limit of how many specific packs you can farm (at least on my end).

I don't think it makes any difference for you game developers where i spend my packs, as long as i do it honestly and legitimaly,

Please let me choose where I want to spend my free video offers, some day I might need more blue packs, other days green packs maybe other days money packs, please be MORE fair to us players.

I understand the game itself needs to make money and people who spend money on the game are very important to keep it alive but the game also needs the F2P players please help us a little bit more, the leagues have so many inactive people already it is not fun, both the F2P and the players who spend money want to play versus active accounts obviously.