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Thread: New Prizes

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    New Prizes

    Hi community!

    I'd like to suggest some improvments:

    • Allow to trade treatment point for moral, rest or training. This will have a cost, for example: 1000 treatment exchanges in 900 rest with the cost of 5 token.

    • You need to update the prize for winning the league title, as well as Champions league, Superleague and Cup! It doesn't make sense the prize to be only top11 money. In Associations i win every season 50 token, wich is way better. There are some interesting events like top league scorer or top assister, but thos events should became permanent for every competition with perhaps lower prize. I suggest:
      1. Token prize every season for winning league tittle, champions league, superleague or Cup (Extra prize for winning all).
      2. Prize in traing points, rest and moral for best scorer, assister and best player in each competition.
      3. Little prize for 2nd and 3rd position in each competition, not only money.

      If you dont improve this, it's not interesting to win competition, is better loose in league, so that we dont get promoted and dont loose stars. The prize for winning is loosing one star in every player... that is just anoying!

    11 greettings.
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    This will reduce cheating and make TE a lot more competitive.
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