I would like to suggest a new introduction to the system to make it a bit more competitive and interesting and fun for all managers. playing the league, champions league and cup is getting boring. Now we want a new tournament WHR every league has itz own tournament which will b based on fair play(Equal strength).. Eg level 1 tour and so on just as the way u did international cup then.. By playing this it wount impact on players condition so as to also carry on with normal routine play and also with this introduction u guys can mk more money bcos it will entice managers to develop there teams to win. it should be like 4 times in a month WHR we enter with tokens of about 10tokens or cash or as agreed, to win a price based on that level and compete for a special trophy at different levels... I would also suggest registration begins for tournament every Sunday morning meaning who didn't register wount play, then tournament starts Monday and ends Friday as the case may be.. Please top eleven look into this my ideal as it will be best for everyone.. Just give it a try I bet u guys it will b fun